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Configure your build here. We’ve populated the form with pretty great standard options, so if you’re unsure what to go for, you can be confident leaving the defaut option in place. But also feel free to shop around – there’s nothing here that isn’t excellent, and the configurator won’t let you choose options which are not compatible with each other. I’ve tried to give an indication of stock levels and ETAs , but as you may be aware, the industry has gone nuts since covid and it’s very hard to get stock in at the moment! But if you stick to 105 or Ultegra, and get your order in soon, we can ship you a bike in 3-6 weeks. If you want to chat about it, drop an email to dave@fallencycles.cc or call 07826 969 627.

The cost includes Stage 1 custom paint to the fork and brushed frame finish with either simple media blasted logos or anodising. More elaborate finishing schemes are available at extra cost of between £150 and £600. More detail on finishing options will be up on the site just as soon as we get it coherently formulated, presented and uploaded!